A career in modelling

I never thought I’d end up modelling.

Not that kind of modelling, though (Although if anyone needs a slightly out of shape 20-something male model get in touch)… If you’ve read my previous posts you’ll probably be aware that I love video games and game design, and I’ve tried my hand at a few different areas, doing various bits and bobs. However, after meeting a guy at work who’s making his own game, it was only recently that I’ve discovered exactly what I want to do in life: 3D Modelling and Animation. Here’s a tree I made.

I bet you’ll be pine-ing for more after this eh? (Sorry)

It’s a lot of fun. Having free reign over creating awesome models and scenes is just up my street, seeing as though I’m a bit mediocre at both drawing and coding. I’ve started using Blender, a totally free piece of software that is crazy powerful – having all sorts of features like video editing, 3D modelling and animation tools. I’ll be sure to update this blog with all sorts of models and scenes over the coming weeks/months/period of time, so keep coming back as I learn to model! (Still sounds weird to say)

Here’s how I expanded on that sweet, sweet tree:

I started by making a crate, ’cause I wanted to make a little campfire scene. (And let’s face it, it’s just a glorified cube)
I then went on and spent waaaay too long making this axe and campfire, after I showed some friends and they said I should do a Dark Souls bonfire. I prefer axes to swords, though, so I did what I wanted. (Because I can!)
Blender has really incredible rendering engines, so I took them out for a test run with a night-time campfire. Pretty happy with the results, although I could do to intensify the glow from the fire a bit to illuminate the crate and tree some more.

A generic post about the weather

It has to be done. You can’t be british and not comment on the weather every now and then, so here goes… Hull isn’t usually a great place for nice weather, it’s a pretty grey city that typically has pretty grey skies to match. However I was walking back to my car the other day after a day at work and had to get a pic of this:

Pretty majestic, huh? Well I was quite impressed with our little northern city, proud that it can be as good-looking as that! It didn’t last for long, however… This next pic was taken about 15 hours after the first…

F*ck you, british weather.

Why Thundrmonstr?

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed the URL of this blog: thundrmonstr. To anyone that knows me, it’s pretty clear that I love Biffy Clyro. They make the best music in the world (not an opinion, just a fact you might not be aware of yet), even all their B-sides are brilliant. I also love video games. I needed to make a Blizzard/Battle.net account to play Hearthstone and Overwatch and wanted something fantastical, mystical and awesome-sounding for my screen name. So naturally, I turned to Biffy’s discography for inspiration.

While looking through their b-sides for something a little more subtle and unknown, it appeared to me, like some biblical bushfire (never did that good in religious education, sorry..). In the Similarities b-sides album, 2nd track in, it sat there.


Looks rad. Sounds rad. Sorted. However there was one problem: a character limit. 12 characters max for the Battle.net screen name. So I f*cked off a couple of vowels ’cause they’re overrated anyway! So now Thundrmonstr is the screen name I use for a lot of things, as well as hopefully the name of the game development studio I eventually (hopefully maybe) start.

I’ve also been trying my hand at some design stuff, and to practice I’ve used Inkscape (a free alternative to the not-very-wallet-friendly Adobe Illustrator) to start work on a logo for this ‘brand’. Here’s the result of my digital scribbles so far:

Pretty cool, huh? I really like the Japanese-style cloud, I think the curves really contrast the angles of the lightning bolt. This is still a work-in-progress however, I have a few ideas of how to change/add to this design!

I got inked

I’m not much of a risk-taker. However getting something permanently drawn on my body has never really phased me… I’ve always wanted tattoos, and have been putting it off for aaaaages. There was always some excuse, usually something to do with Uni, so I bit the bullet when I got back and booked an appointment at House of Wolves down Whitefriargate in Hull. This is the result of that decision:

And boy am I happy with the results.

It was either gonna be a PlayStation or Biffy Clyro one first, and settled for the PlayStation one! Safe to say I have the tattoo bug now though, so I’ll have a Biffy one before long (amongst a plethora of other ideas I have). I’d also recommend House of Wolves, the guys there are great at what they do and I’ll definitely be going back!

So here’s to the (hopefully) very colourful and artsy future!

A job with a view

I know right. The title makes all kind of nonsense. Me getting a job?! Hull having sights worth seeing?! What’s the world coming to huh?

Job hunting hasn’t been going particularly well, probably because I’m reluctant to look anything that won’t give me relevant career experience, as it’s been a fair few weeks since graduation and I’m still living in my overdraft. However just this week I’ve hit a goldmine (ignoring the accidental pun cause the building has gold-coloured panels on it lol) as I’ve been given some work experience with C4DI, a relatively new tech start-up company just opposite the Deep, which is just a glorified fish tank (but actually really cool, I’d recommend it).

Gaze upon the glory of my amateur photography and photoshop skills.
The view from just outside my workspace, not bad eh? From left to right: the Hull Tidal Barrier, the Millennium Bridge, The Deep and the Humber Estuary way over on the right.

It’s a huge opportunity, and even though it’s unpaid it’s great for networking and getting my name and talents out there. And if I really work hard enough (ie brown-nose enough) I might be able to get a permanent position at the end of my 2 months here! So I’m pretty hopeful about the future, and if nothing comes of it I’ll have spent a couple of months in a great place so I can’t complain.

Here’s a bonus pic (or artist rendering) of the C4DI building ’cause you can’t see sh*t on the photos I took.

Some new (but used) wheels

I passed my driving test over 3 years ago, and absolutely nailed it I might add *cough* no minors *cough*. But due to deciding to go to uni in Leicester I never got round to getting my own car. Well thanks to the bank of mum and dad (cheers guys!) I finally have some freedom, and the ability to get to a job… When I get a job that is…

Say hello to my Fiat Grande Punto Active Sport 1.4! (A bit of a mouthful I know, but I wanted to brag about the fact it’s a sport version ha…)

Ignore how far from the kerb I am, still learnin’ them dimensions…

All bragging aside, I’ve been driving it for a few days now and it’s so nice to be back behind the wheel of a car. People say ‘it’s like riding a bike, you never forget’ but until you get behind the wheel you can’t help but think it’s a load of poppycock. In actual fact, you really don’t forget.

The only problems I have encountered so far are a faulty driver-side window and the air-con being temperamental… The two things that make driving in sweltering heat bearable… So driving in this recent weather has been bittersweet, it’s lovely to get out and about but the buckets of sweat produced take away from the experience somewhat…

Oh well, I’m off for a (sweaty) drive.


I’ll have the (Game)Salad please!

So I’ve always wanted to be a game developer. There’s something about video games that incorporates elements of movies, music, storytelling and interactivity that really just gets me hooked and blows my mind. From as early as watching my older brother play Spyro the Dragon on the PlayStation 1 all the way up to plugging up to 100 hours into Overwatch on the PS4, making diverse worlds and characters for games is something I want to be a part of.

So I’m trying it! Getting a job in the game development industry is not easy, especially in Hull, so I thought I’d try my hand at doing it as a hobby. I found a website called School of Game Design that give tutorials on how to use various pieces of software for making your own games, and one of these pieces of software is GameSalad. 

GameSalad is a simplified 2D game development platform, where creating a game is as easy as dragging and dropping all the different elements where you want them. It’s really quite easy to get to grips with, and the School of Game Design helped me get started on creating a Flappy Bird clone, but with my own (probably not so unique) spin on it.

So watch this space, I’ll be posting updates on my game whenever I can!